Solar Panel Supplier And Dealer in Gurgaon

Nowadays, there is a great demand for solar power panels, as solar technology is considered as the best form of Renewable energy. Thus, Clients from different sectors prefer the power system over the hydro-electricity setup. Installing a solar power plant is not only cost-effective but is also more convenient and reliable as compared to other forms of electricity generation.

In India, this technology is being used in both residential and commercial sectors. With time, the clients understand the power of solar energy and are highly appreciating the benefits of the solar power system. You will find some solar panel supplier in Gurgaon, who are dealing with best quality solar panels.

The reputed panel supplier have sensed the rising demands of the power system and hence started to deal with designing and installation of power systems. The reputed service providers perfectly understand the requirement and budget of the clients, and accordingly, offer them the best solar energy setup.

Solar power-based solutions offered in Gurgaon

Keeping all the considerations in mind, the leading solar dealer in Gurgaon mainly offers the following solar technology-based solutions:

The power system (Designing and installation)

The reputed dealers first survey the site and generate the report through technology-based software. The dedicated engineers precisely design an appropriate setup for the solar panels by analysing the structure, shadow effect, tilt angle, and others. Again, the necessary approvals and NOC are also arranged by the dealers to carry forward the installation works. Once the panels are installed properly, the entire setup is subjected to different varieties of testing.

Power Purchase Agreement process

The PPA is a legal contract between the power purchaser and power producing company. This agreement is maintained under the JNNSM regulations. Under this agreement, both the ground mounted and roof-mounted solar power production are on sale @ Rs 3-5 per unit. The main objective of this lucrative agreement is to attract more and more investors, to participate in this government-driven scheme.


A reputed solar company in Gurgaon, mainly offers two type of solar inverters – On Grid inverter and Hybrid inverter. If you are looking for wide range of voltage and frequency in the inverter, then you need to buy the On-Grid inverter. The Hybrid inverters are mainly attached to a dedicated battery. So, if you are looking for an inverter with a battery back-up, then go for Hybrid inverters.

It seems to be a great decision that, you are interested in investing in the solar technology. Indeed, it is a profitable investment which will shower you good productivity in future. Feel free to contact the best dealers in Gurgaon, to avail the best quality panels or products.

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