Casual city building online games are all free of charge to play, and that goes for Airport City too. The In-App Purchases comprise of cash and Airport terminal Cash. As described previously, cash can become gained through normal gameplay. Airport Money can be the hard currency that you have to pay out for.Some of the nicer buildings cost Airport Cash, but players can always purchase coin-equivalent buildings instead. The more persuasive high quality items are boosts that offer creation bonus deals like extra knowledge or fuel creation for a established size of period. These can’t be bought with coins.

airport city hack iphone terminal City has some decent social features, though adding close friends could be easier. There isn’t any Facebook connection that I can observe – normally a regular feature in the genre. Instead, you have to add a friend’s unique code in order to go to him or her. Friend codes are simply as un-intuitive right here as they are on Nintendo consoles. Why not stick to usernames? My Windows Phone friend code can be wj1bvm1 if you would like to add me, anyhow.

Once you have a friend or two on your list, you can visit their air-ports and interact with a couple of buildings. The amount of buildings that can end up being interacted with per day time is normally limited, as you might expect. Players can also send gifts to each additional. You get to get what type of present you send – a large improvement over the accidental junk we had to present one another in 2020: My Nation.

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