Online punting rises during virus lockdown

Online gambling companies have acted greedily during the coronavirus pandemic, a leading anti-gambling advocate says.

Consumer data shows Australians are spending more than normal on online gambling sites.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform’s Tim Costello wants the government to ban advertising for online gambling.

“It’s targeting particularly bored young men who are in lockdown,” Mr Costello told AAP.

He said in the UK sports betting companies had voluntarily agreed not to advertise during the lockdown.

Australia’s spending on online gambling was up nearly 150 per cent between April 26 and 조선카지노사이트 May 3 compared to a normal week, new data from economic advisors AlphaBeta and analytics company illion shows.

In that same week, general consumer spending was up 13 per cent but was still seven per cent below spending during a pre-pandemic week.

AlphaBeta director Andrew Charlton pinned the boost on eased restrictions and the one-off $750 coronavirus support payment hitting bank accounts.

“The government can see in real time how impactful the supplement has been. It’s having a bigger impact on spending than the stimulus,” Dr Charlton said.

Since April, online gambling spending has fluctuated but stayed above 30 per cent of normal spending each week.

Data from early April shows men were spending more money on non-essentials than women, forking out seven times more on gambling.

However, Reverend Costello says there has been a “silver lining” to the pandemic – with pokies venues shut because of health restrictions, some gamblers have had to go cold turkey.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform estimates Australians have saved up to $1.5 billion since the lockdown of clubs and casinos.

“I think a lot of those people won’t go back,” he said.

“For the first time they’re saying ‘I’ve paid my rent, I’m not feeling ashamed of myself.'”

Online gambling only accounted for $1.2 billion of the $24 billion Australians lost to gambling each year.

Pokies accounted for $14 billion of gambling losses.

Sally Gainsbury, from the Gambling Treatment and Research Centre at the University of Sydney, said there had been an increase in people opening up online gambling accounts.

But it was extremely unlikely online gambling spending would offset pokies.

“It’s not really a natural transition for people who usually play land-based pokies or casino-style games,” Professor Gainsbury told AAP.

Sports betting companies are taking punts on horse races, e-sports or 동네카지노 even the weather.

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